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Microsoft 070-297 PDF im left post grams, Taman and Novorossiysk especially Novorossiysk city and other coastal cities and naval base consisting essentially of naval defense forces. In the coastal cluster compiled compiled later in the Black Sea within the cluster fighting marines, coast artillery and antiaircraft artillery units played very strongly tenacious. Beginning of the war, there have been black sea submarine German invaders. However, the Black Sea Fleet s submarine tight defense very effective. Enemy submarines essentially limited to the scope of activities the waters Kerch Strait between Batumi, whose mission is to destroy the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus my lines of Microsoft 070-297 PDF communication between ports. But during the three years of war here, our army is almost no one enemy submarine ship had sunk. Later, the Black Sea and the emergence of the German invaders PT boats. However, with the enemy torpedo Microsoft 070-297 PDF boat either Italian or German fighting, almost every time the Soviet ship to win. Thus, once the enemy did not dare to attack our naval base and 070-297 I am the Black Sea Fleet torpedo.

and the main vein of the defense plan to strengthen the armed forces issued a Caucasus main vein defense tasks to them and determine who divided the zone where the defense. Pass defense C4090-453 should be active defense in depth echelon. Army Air Force ordered each day closer to the ground and pass roads Caucasus main vein aerial reconnaissance. Also adopted a set of obstacles on the 70-564 way to the Black Sea waterfront main Yamaguchi measures. Sheng Qialuo in the direction, engineers 27th Brigade troops also set up a grid obstacles. On Microsoft 070-297 PDF Aoxiediya and Georgia two military roads were major obstacles to the job, such as ready to rock collapse collapse, job destruction and flooded roads, and setting up landmines. On these roads in addition to set up barriers, but also to build a number of fortifications defensive hub unit, anchor, Eveready launch point, wood soil emission points, bunkers, anti tank trenches and the like. Due to the 070-297 lack of trees in the vicinity of the pass, the soil Microsoft 070-297 PDF is hard, and set luzhai Microsoft 070-297 Dumps earthwork operations HP0-874 difficult, so here are mainly set in obstacle mine.forcement, into the basement shelter. Hitler bandits in tall Microsoft 070-297 PDF buildings are buried in undefended put dynamite, street fighting broke out once and prepare them to blow up, to 77-605 Soviet Microsoft 070-297 PDF attack caused additional barriers. Hitler culprits HP0-S33 Novorossiysk city and suburbs to build a total of more than 500 fortifications. These fortifications have strict front of Microsoft 070-297 Exam barbed wire and mines obstacles. In a GB0-320 few days after the liberation of Novorossiysk, army sappers found and removed 29,000 mines. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives Archives File 69, No. 12111, dossier 1335, page 26. Fear of the enemy army in Novorossiysk landing area, where the establishment of a powerful anti landing defense. Throughout the coastal areas until Anapa we have to build fortifications. In HP0-728 order to prevent the army from the sea to the city to advance, they built a lot of Eveready launch point and earth Wooden emission points at the port of Microsoft 070-297 the western region. The whole 70-487 wharf, breakwater, port facilities cloth Ray. They not only mine on 090-554 the coast, but also into the water and underwater mine. H.

070-297 PDF port aviation corps army orderly transitions. Each Air Corps headquarters sent representatives to bring radio to the 9th Army, 44 Army and 58 Army command post to the resident. Microsoft 070-297 PDF They will be transferred to the ground troops requested their heads, for aviation activities to guide and 070-297 supervise. There is no doubt that this tactical aviation security closely cooperates with ground troops. In the pursuit of the process, the army aviation and ground campaign in cooperation, mainly in aviation to Mineralnye Vody Rostov on enemy railway transport railway lines on sabotage activities Armavir Ti Huolie times g. 4th Army and Air Force C C Lebedev remote air force colonel commanding the Microsoft 070-297 PDF 50th Division, this hub station, interval, 074-324 bridges and railway lines on the train a fierce bombardment. January 10, the army attack aircraft and bombers Carolina accounted Microsoft 070-297 for Wales Kaya Nirvana text Nuomaisike railroad carried out Microsoft 070-297 PDF a series of bombing, bombed Hero Kaya River Bridge, and the result was two railway interrupted two days night, until the army entered the region so Microsoft 070-297 PDF far. The a.

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