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Microsoft 070-336 PDF minefields in the 8,846 pieces of anti personnel mines and 9,218 pieces anti tank mines, barbed wire erected 54 kilometers, as well as to build a large cliff, blocking barrier, tank traps, mines and so on the IY0-030 application. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives 070-336 File Microsoft 070-336 Dumps File 69, No. 12111, dossier 784, pages 64 65 But before defending Nuowo Luo two Lasker began Microsoft 070-336 fighting these jobs are not completed. To August 000-087 18 deadline, only Novorossiysk defense area inside the perimeter of defense fortifications considered substantially complete. Novorossiysk defense project to build local knowledge, after Microsoft 070-336 PDF all, according to a unified plan defense, and thus coordinated military 070-336 operations on land and at sea, which greatly strengthened the city s defenses. During this period, although the logistical work on track, but it is under difficult conditions. Between the 47th Army with the Army Logistics no rail contact, supplies via the Black Sea and is only Microsoft 070-336 PDF a road shipped. Microsoft 070-336 PDF Shells, mortar shells, the amount of fuel and food reserves are limited, and thus heads at all levels must be s.

ll over your head, no body struggling to squat three times. To exercise, take a shower and do gymnastics There P_SEMBCS_60 is nothing better. He side to side with his left hand wearing a gold ring HP2-B100 on the ring finger on his right arm raised to touch a large muscle. He also practiced a fencing action he always do in these two movements long before hearing the case , then the door moves. Some want to push open the door. the President opened the door hurriedly put CX-310-231 the dumbbells back E20-455 in place. I m sorry. He said. A little man wearing a pair of gold rimmed spectacles judges, hunched shoulders, gloomy face, came in. Mate Wei has not come. The judge said Microsoft 070-336 PDF unhappily. I have not come. President while in uniform, replied. He s Microsoft 070-336 always late. The judge angrily sat down, took out a cigarette, said. I really do not understand how he ought to be ashamed. This is an old fashioned gentleman judge this morning just quarreled with his wife, because his wife put the cost of living is less than when Microsoft 070-336 PDF the Microsoft 070-336 PDF light of this month s wife asked him to give her some money in advance, he said, 642-521 never bend.emy attacks and reduce the speed of their advance. Columns of enemy tanks and mechanized columns of struggle, is largely based on aerial reconnaissance intelligence implementation. The only way to be able to take timely and rapidly changing situation is this focus on a limited threat to Microsoft 070-336 Exam aviation force to my worst enemy assault Group implemented. During the rapid retreat of our army, no air force between the 4th Army Command with the Army Command Jizhu combined arms army headquarters reliable communications. I basically aviation act in accordance with the general principles on their own. Don Battle Cluster defense poorly organized, almost nothing to build fortifications. In many locations, shovel ho infantry because there is no civil engineering tools, even bunkers and other fortifications are not easy to build. No anti tank mines in the armies, so there is no obstacle laid mines on enemy Tan Kewei rib direction. Logistics sector and 1Z0-560 forces lost contact, very far behind, so that the most critical moment in the battle, all units have almost no ammunition, fuel.

070-336 PDF Peninsula drowning large Microsoft 070-336 PDF valley. Chang Kaya enemy decided to Chur, Kaya, satisfied soil Hayes Kosovska Asia, Nikolayev ska Asia and other residential areas favorable line to prevent the army s advance. This is the middle of defense fortifications Road area has built a well in advance. Hitler culprits Kaya outskirts of the town set 1Z1-879 up a few barbed wire and HH0-240 cotton wall of minefields in south Kaya s some high ground west of the river and the woods are arranged a lot of firearms. Enemy fortification, not only in this town, but it is close to the ground in a small water network disorders also fortified. The main forces are arranged on both sides of the road Kaya. 22 Army infantry troops from the front, the first shock of the town, did not work. With a strong blocking enemy firepower to stop the Microsoft 070-336 PDF army s advance. So he ordered the army troops 070-336 transferred to Microsoft 070-336 PDF the right, to the south of Kaya weave, the implementation of its assault from the south. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, Microsoft 070-336 PDF No. 932, file 523, pp. 28 37. The military forces quickly changed.

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