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Cisco 350-018 Vce lementation of the Soviet offensive. Soviet weaponry quickly grow with, so the Soviet High Command in 1943 for each corps, corps and forces adaptation. To the summer of 1943, the Red Army infantry basically changed the institutional Army soldiers set up a cannon artillery division and break the military, set up a new tank corps and army they mixed past army tanks different, there Cisco 350-018 Vce are only compiled tank corps and mechanized corps. As a result, armored tanks, mechanized army s offensive ability is greatly improved. Aviation, air defense, logistics organization also according to new mission MB3-637 requirements adapted. In summary, the entire Soviet German troops on the battlefield has undergone a fundamental change in contrast, dominate the Red Army. Referring to the summer of 1943 when Cisco 350-018 Vce the military and political situation should be noted that the victory of the Red 070-337 Army made in the winter war, our armed forces continue to grow, so that the international prestige of the Soviet Union has been further improved, European anti fascist occupied peoples struggle to be furth.

re. Cisco 350-018 Vce Transcaucasian Cisco 350-018 Vce republics of the Party Central Committee and the district party committee often have dozens of leading cadres and many academicians, professors 000-083 and other scientists to the work force. Writers, composers and artists delegations are constantly condolences to the troops, but also to touring troupes. Workers and peasants goodwill mission to the front line condolences to the officers and men, brought them gifts, letters of sympathy and warm welcoming words. In the Cisco 350-018 process of fighting the attack, army officers and soldiers demonstrated dauntless heroism. Cisco 350-018 Vce For example, in the battle against Cisco 350-018 Vce Nalchik, Guards Infantry Division 2nd Infantry 3rd Battalion, 395th Regiment played very well. Battalion Cisco 350-018 Exam commander Ba Jin Dawei first led a group of soldiers rushed to the city s central street, this street after the clear enemy, and the enemy a copy retreat posterior column, giving it significant losses. This battle, Ba Jin a person eliminate l0 fascist gangsters. Ivan Nuofu Si battle near the town Cisco 350-018 Vce of Kaya, N B Jim Cinco Pvt awarded exploits. Jim Cinco reconnai., purpose built coastal 640-863 artillery headquarters, 350-018 the coastal artillery compiled artillery, opened eight coastal artillery fire correction whistle. After taking several measures which greatly improves the effect of coastal artillery fire. Marines in the beginning is the use of dispersion in 350-018 the camp and in detachment units. Later, it will be merged into these units and detachment Corps Marine Cisco 350-018 Brigade. For example, the Marine Corps is first mixed brigades by the Azov Cisco 350-018 Vce Sea fleet, Kerch Novorossiysk naval base and naval base of the Black 9A0-351 Sea Fleet sailors and naval forces and other personnel on August 25 together form the defense brigade perform other tasks on Nirvana Kaya direction. August 22 and 23, l03 Infantry Brigade Combat defense in other Nirvana Kaya, under Barkan Chomsky, Iraq region. German fascist oppression to costly casualties army back, and on August 22 occupied Chinese do not Kaya, and then they occupied under Erbakan Sharansky. However, the enemy tried Barkan Sharansky up along the highway, Novorossiysk development of offensive, did not succeed. Al.

350-018 Vce close cooperation with the 4th Army aviation Novorossiysk, and wipe out the aggressors France and Germany on the Taman Peninsula. Soviet troops in the North Caucasus attack phase, the forward played more than 800 350-018 km, the liberation of 200,000 square kilometers of land, and to the enemy Cisco 350-018 Dumps A Army Group to hit. Soviet During this time, the enemy kill and wound more than 9L0-626 275,000, more than 6,000 enemy prisoners of war, destroying 890 enemy tanks, planes, NS0-510 more than 2,000 aircraft, 2,127 artillery door, forcing 1,394 mortars doors, machine Cisco 350-018 Vce guns 500, 7 thousand FM0-306 cars cars Black Sea fleet naval aviation and various enemy ships sunk ships more than 600. GG0-100 Army captured 458 Cisco 350-018 Vce enemy tanks, artillery 1,392 doors, 1,533 mortars door, rifles 6005.1 and submachine guns 35,4l4 branches, more than 15,000 automotive vehicles, a large number of locomotives and carriages and other military supplies. After the attack, shrouded in the Caucasus over the Soviet threat is eliminated. Caucasian battle ended in victory, making the Red Army freed a large number of troops to fight on other battlefiel.

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