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Cisco 400-101 Dumps ry Archives Bureau Item 175 files, file 32688, p. 71 That day, Cisco 400-101 Dumps the first 40 mobile coastal artillery battalion in the Marine Corps two even begin to cover posts left Salim grams retreat. Thus, in the area of defense Yei Trask all the rest of the infantry and even less, but they also lost into the sea as artillery fire support. However, due to extremely Marines sailors fought valiantly and implementation of Cisco 400-101 Dumps powerful naval artillery support, the Marine Corps Battalion 144 and Battalion 305 left a few days even Cisco 400-101 Dumps several times in the fight against the superior forces of my enemy onslaught. August 9, Marine Corps commanders who were in the main naval base Cisco 400-101 cover retreating from Tye Trask, after heavy artillery preparation gunboat implemented boldly launched a shock to the enemy, hit the enemy from the positions they occupied positions anxiety receding. Azov 642-371 Sea Fleet Park stick Hertha Magnitogorsk Yei Trask has been insisting to withdraw all troops have been 642-812 exhausted. August 10, the Azov Sea Fleet and from the sea to their base in this important moored withdrawal.

roops 400-101 must be sent to the Crimea, and the use of force to cross check the Kerch Strait and the ability to continue to Batumi direction of attack. Supra Fascist German invaders want to quickly defeat the Soviet Armed Forces, the occupation of the Soviet capital of Moscow, the Caucasus and the planned Northwest China industrial area by the end of 1941 completely bankrupt. Before the end of 1941 to end the war hopes have come to nothing. Shake and disagreement occur in the highest authorities in the German fascists. Hitler and his high command made on the battlefield wings continuously implement Corps assault with tanks, so that before the winter comes Crimean Soviet German front occupied the southern Cisco 400-101 section of the Donbass industrial region, cut off oil supplies from the Soviet Caucasus, and together in the northern section surrounded Leningrad military strategy with Finland, with the main Cisco 400-101 Dumps army Cisco 400-101 Dumps headquarters insist upon the original with comments tank Corps deployed in Moscow continue to implement the strategic direction of the attack conflict. To resolve this c.the North Caucasus has brought great difficulties 3000.3 to HP0-775 the organizations at all levels and the 642-654 Soviet government. However, they continue to work actively. Under their leadership, the North Caucasus people for the rescue workers belongings from the enemy tried everything, and go all out to support the front. Long before the enemy occupied Rostov, Krasnodar Krai Party Committee and the Executive Committee decided to border on the northern border districts of north livestock retreat with Cisco 400-101 Dumps heads of research plus hormone Army. As of August 3, 1942, a total of 58,000 horses sent back side, 206,700 cattle, 411,300 sheep. Because of tractors and combine harvesters to be used until the last few days, the German invaders in the border area of progress quickly and Kuban, Laba River and the Belaya river ferry tension, where the late withdrawal of tractors and combines in situ destruction. Tractor stations Cisco 400-101 Dumps and state farms, machine equipment handed over Cisco 400-101 Dumps to the forces. From July 20 to begin ending August 1, Krasnodar Krai backward shipped a total of 10, ooo carriage of grain

400-101 Dumps Union, and 70-432 in North Africa fighting Rommel Corps reunion, and thus headed 000-113 towards India. However, these adventures 920-119 Hitler plans to be finished in the 400-101 end. For Hitler gangsters capture Caucasus pursued economic purpose, it is doomed unattainable. Meeting on declared My main idea occupied Cisco 400-101 Dumps Caucasus province, thoroughly defeated the Russian army as possible if I were not in order to get oil Maikop and Grozny, I do not fight this war military history magazine, Cisco 400-101 Exam 1956, No. 10, p. 8. Goebbels convinced to Cisco 400-101 Dumps talk at length about the plans of the German command. In Munich, a meeting of the officers, he said, We occupied the east of the country not just to occupy it, Cisco 400-101 Dumps and above all, to organize it themselves before we get to the coal, iron and oil to fight this war. If we can end our high command specified time in the Caucasus 400-101 fighting, our P2140-022 hands have Europe s most abundant oil provinces. and who owns wheat, oil, coal and iron, whoever wins the war. see the Soviet Union Defense Ministry Archives Archives file 209, number 1019, file 070-270 283, page 139. Hitler gangst.

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