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Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers he Soviet Union in order Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers to surround and annihilate the enemy Semashihuo mountain area. In the left, the head of the Army decided to DMDI201 order 107 Infantry Brigade, Infantry Brigade l19, Marine Corps and the 68th Guards Brigade 32nd Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers Infantry Division in valley, Yu Manchester Groves Kaya valley, 383. 3 Highland line into a solid defense. Army commander assigned to the right wing Corps mission is 40 motorized infantry brigade guards make south region, to stop the enemy to the south and southeast extension the 10th Infantry Brigade order to complete the encirclement of the enemy s main tasks, to 384.0 Heights, within Peiliewali the implementation of the general direction in Iraq assault, on or before October 70-466 29 captured there order 383 infantry division to implement the direction of the village of Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers Pei Like offensive order 353 infantry division s offensive direction to 394.7 Heights. According to campaign attempt, the two divisions should contain the enemy attacking from the front, to prevent the enemy assault on the cluster action directions of my Army maneuver forc.

a total of about 15,000. Defense missions Nuowo Luo Francis Ridge on the coastal artillery, air force and naval Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers base of the fleet of ships to bear. Before the start of combat operations, a total of 87 coastal artillery 45 152 mm artillery, naval forces have two gunboats, 26 Water District ships, 17 PT boats and other floating Microsoft 70-466 Exam tools, naval air fleet of 112 aircraft. Nuowo Luo Francis Albuquerque area air defense air force F 62 Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers Mission Hill and antiaircraft artillery 84 anti aircraft guns and 50 200-120 anti aircraft guns 050-682 , responsible for the cover on the air safety of Novorossiysk. Soviet attaches great importance to Novorossiysk, as early as 1941, had taken a series of measures to organize the defense of Novorossiysk. According to Novorossiysk defense program Novorossiysk Naval Base Command in October 1941 to develop rules should be established forward defense area, behind 000-455 the defense of basic defense areas and regions, as well as the number of road cover region and anti landing areas. Build a camp in these areas, even the support and the support points built Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers a bun.hing, then listened to the judge s left whispered in his ear, then he announced that the trial be suspended for ten minutes, and then hurried to stand up and leave the court. The President left the same high. height bearded students have a pair of good eyes of the judge is talking to this one thing that the judges feel 220-302 a little uncomfortable stomach, they have to massage, take Microsoft 70-466 some medicine and told him the President, the President. He announced the suspension of the trial. Jurors lawyer. Judges have to stand up as witnesses, pleasantly case has a significant part of the trial is over, began to move. Nekhludoff went into the jury room E20-095 of procedure against the window to sit down. Twelve Yes, she is the Katyusha. Nekhludoff relations with Katyusha is this. Nekhludoff first Microsoft 70-466 met Katusha, is in his third year at the University of reading that summer when he lived in the aunt s house, ready to write an article on land ownership papers. In previous years, he was always with her MB5-700 mother and sister summertime in the suburbs of Moscow his mother s large estate. but in.

70-466 Questions Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers And Answers Peninsula Microsoft 70-466 Dumps drowning large valley. Chang Kaya enemy decided to Chur, Kaya, satisfied soil Hayes Kosovska Asia, Nikolayev ska Asia and other residential areas favorable line to prevent the army s advance. This is the middle of defense fortifications Road area has built a well in advance. Hitler culprits Kaya outskirts of the 70-466 town set up a few barbed wire and cotton wall of minefields in 70-466 south Kaya s some high ground west of the river and the woods are Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers arranged a lot of firearms. Enemy fortification, not only in this town, but it is close to the ground in a small water network disorders also fortified. The main forces are arranged on both sides of Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers the road Kaya. 22 Army infantry troops from the front, the first shock of the town, did not 646-272 work. With a strong blocking enemy firepower to stop the army s advance. So he ordered the army troops transferred to the right, to the south of Kaya weave, the Microsoft 70-466 Questions And Answers implementation of its assault from the south. See the USSR Ministry of Defense Archives File File 224, No. 932, file MB4-348 523, pp. 28 HP0-D16 37. The military forces quickly changed.

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