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Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test yonet scarification those defenseless people. Finally, the Fascists did not die again left to the people rushed to a shed, and lit the fire. Whole Huoluo Jeff Scarborough Town Asia only four survived. See Krasnodar Krai Party Archives File file 4372, number 1, dossier 24, p. 95. December 30, 1942, Hitler bandits on the peaceful 050-V37 inhabitants de Anaya town to conduct a brutal massacre. Fascist bandits shot on the streets of the town more than 50 infants LOT-711 and elderly women. After that, the executioners GB0-380 again the rest of the residents of the town to catch Asia, the way they keep killing these unarmed people. The town house was burned, livestock were driven light robbed things. See Krasnodar Krai Party Archives File file 4372, number 1, Microsoft 74-678 Dumps dossier 2, p. 513. France and Germany invaders only in Krasnodar Krai on a ground shot, hanged, poisoned and tortured in Gestapo torture chambers and killed 61,540 people mainly women, elderly and children in the car suffocation, and the more than 32,000 young people rushed to Germany to do hard labor. We can see that Hitler s Microsoft 74-678 Exam execut.

itler Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test bandits also set the grid barriers between East and West breakwater, along 70-306 with mines and mines a variety of applications. The enemy opened artillery observation in the north some high ground. These are responsible for artillery artillery observation indicates objectives so that my entire harbor accurate shooting. In addition, these high ground in the enemy has deployed Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test a number of artillery and 000-N20 mortar company, Novorossiysk every corner of the city under its control fire. Novorossiysk terrain, easily defensible. Novorossiysk north undulating hills, dense forests, almost no path, only be implemented on individual offensive direction. Blue line largely the case. To break such a strong line of 74-678 defense, the battle must be detailed and thorough preparation. To Chaming enemy defense system, a lot of our military reconnaissance activities. Army pilots blue line of the entire depth were aerial photography. To each of various arms and army infantry army, air force and headquarters of a large number of printed photos. For example, in May 1943, knot combined army were deployed to Grozny and Ordzhonikidze will go in both directions, as a defense in the Nalchik direction only weak forces of the 37th Army and the enemy s assault is the main point of Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test this army. Lot enemy breakthrough buildup of army infantry to 3 times, 11 times the artillery, mortars 10 times. 37th Army nor a tank, but Hitler LOT-951 Microsoft 74-678 bandit on the break area has gathered a lot of tanks. Romania enemy intended to start mountain infantry 2nd Division north of Seoul, then to the east under the tutelage of two tanks for the implementation of Nalchik assault. The enemy tried to break through army defense after my accident and to the surprise smash 37th Army, capture Ordzhonikidze then, Grozny, and later along the road to Tbilisi Georgian military offensive. Before the battle began, the 37th Army, all 070-549-VB the forces are divided equally placed on the 120 Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test km wide front, Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test not established reserve, build A2180-178 defensive positions was also very poor, do not set the entire defense anti tank mines obstacle Strip. Army heads and heads north cluster did not see through the enemy.

74-678 Practice Test s and horses and pack, so the division to the forefront of transporting ammunition depot had to rely 74-678 on people to organize people back shoulder, for this had to draw a lot of infantry units. Before the attack began, the 46th Army ammunition supply situation a little better. This is because in the defensive phase, to a large number of army warehouses to store Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test ammunition 74-678 for combat troops required for each pass, and later l2. However, due to transport ammunition to the mountains difficult, so the hands of all troops would be delighted limited A2180-270 ammunition, a large number of ammunition were also placed in army warehouses. Cluster Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test munitions warehouse stock is also very little before the attack began, most were transferred to the Army ammunition Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test depot to go. To forward transport ammunition, food and fuel trillion, the need for a large number of vehicles. But then 070-668 there were only 1,826 Black Sea Microsoft 74-678 Practice Test cluster cars, 1,756 wagons and 1,354 horses Tuozi. Microsoft 74-678 Once these vehicles can be transported 2,200 tons of supplies, but this is only half the normal forces required minimum qu.

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