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Nortel 920-192 Cert invaders. Participants called for the Notice to the Transcaucasian peoples book We want every mountain road, each valley becomes unbridgeable gap enemy, Nortel 920-192 Cert the Nortel 920-192 Cert 920-192 fate of death everywhere, watching Nortel 920-192 Cert for the enemy. No matter how tough Nortel 920-192 we experienced test, we will never AIEEE-MATH-2010 in front of the ferocious German imperialists down we know that we firmly believe the enemy must be finished. People Transcaucasian republics abide by his oath. Caucasian hundreds of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters went to the front, and those who stay behind in the labor positions to make every effort to support the defenders of the motherland. The HP0-775 Transcaucasian more and more gasoline, aluminum, copper, rubber, ammunition, weapons and food shipped across the country. September 9, 1942, the Transcaucasian republics declared a state of war. Mobilize the masses around the party and government organs out repair fortifications, anti landing defense organizations, the Nortel 920-192 Dumps establishment of militia, set Nortel 920-192 Cert up camp and destroy the enemy, and set up a special camp guard pass. Transcaucasian Nortel 920-192 Cert Front Command.

n vein to the Caucasus mountain ridge. Determined to 383 infantry divisions and 353 divisions, 83 Nortel 920-192 Cert mountain infantry division, 8th Guards Infantry Brigade and E20-590 165 Brigade Infantry policy implementation on the enemy flank assault, split and destroy the enemy Saimashihuo British long gram group. According to this determination Army commander, the various units changed the deployment 000-400 of troops on the enemy flank and set up two assault clusters SDM_2002001050 one cluster compiled by the 383rd Infantry Division and the 10th Infantry Brigade from the south for the implementation of GOI Teuge assault, another cluster compiled by the 83rd mountain infantry division and the 8th Guards infantry brigade from the northwest to the implementation of assault GOI Teuge. Order 353 Infantry Division 165 Infantry Brigade and the implementation of assault from the front, the group to 050-895 contain the enemy. November Nortel 920-192 Cert 26, two clusters of assault troops launched an attack at the same time. 383 Infantry Division with a battalion of troops were screening at Pei Like southwest of Nortel 920-192 Cert the village along the sou.ks. Artillery force is weak, 17 artillery regiment due to lack of ammunition, can not play its due role. Further, since the ferry crowded, artillery troops to retreat behind the left bank of the Don, and several artillery regiment 33 army in retreat even guns are lost. Southern Army aviation rarely, incorporated into the South Army Air Force 4th Army a total of only 130 aircraft. Army South 920-192 to the task requirement is eliminated into the left bank of the Don s enemies and restore the original situation, guardian of the Kool Kaya Moya Falls to the left bank of the Don estuary area between the collar. North Caucasus Front rim then being Don Haidong Azov coast, east coast of the Kerch Strait and the Black Sea coast, 920-192 to Kaya area defense, its task is to defend the coast of the Azov Haidong and Taman Peninsula, prevent the enemy force a crossing Kerch Strait. Black Sea Fleet and the Azov Sea Fleet support Army and prevent the enemy landing force Nortel 920-192 landing. N B Qiulieniefu general 117-151 command of the Caucasus Army Defence Kaya to Batumi Black Sea coast between the then Sov.

920-192 Cert l intelligence. In a tissue engineering Nortel 920-192 Cert reconnaissance, command of Major Shelepin 070-503 independent Corps of the 16th Battalion sent several reconnaissance irresolute made great gains. They have organized activities planned to collect a lot of valuable information about the enemy behind enemy lines in a variety of engineering measures. But the 47th Army Engineering reconnaissance operations within the zone but do bad. There is no serious engineering reconnaissance, from time to time, the enemy frontier defense engineering facilities and the absence of clear, the enemy defense in depth engineering situation is ignorant. When the face of Nortel 920-192 Cert the Black Sea cluster faire retreat laying a large number of mines, especially in the army attack roads and residential ground. However, excluded from the first phase of demining SZ0-353 Mines Nortel 920-192 Exam and location of 000-631 mines of view, it can be seen the enemy s standard mine is running out, they use a lot of homemade Replacement mines the enemy has been unable to lay dense minefields, and only can our army on the road ahead, blow up bridges and next to.

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