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RedHat EX300 PDF of Maikop plan FM0-304 of attack. December 29, K Zhukov generals entrusted by the High Command, so that the outer radius of the Caucasus RedHat EX300 Exam Army Commander preparation and implementation of battle, the Romanian army to break through the defense at the direction of Krasnodar, Krasnodar passing to the northeast attack, in the plot to mention strong views grams cut Armavir region Rostov railway, cut off the enemy s retreat from Nan Jiasuo Group along recommendations to assist the implementation of the direction of Novorossiysk assault, and later advance to RedHat EX300 PDF the Taman Peninsula. In 1Y0-A26 order to implement this Battle command EX300 from the cluster to the north of the Grenadier Guards Corps transferred out of RedHat EX300 PDF the Black Sea to the cluster, and RedHat EX300 PDF then transferred from the 58th Army Infantry Division and two out of tune from the 46th Army divisions out of a cluster to the Black Sea. In addition, the transfer from the high command top team out of the three backup tank regiment the Black Sea to the cluster. The most high command to modify the cluster plan of attack on the 000-603 Black Sea, causing Tr.

s attempts to strengthen the army as RedHat EX300 well as timely right wing forces. Although our military reconnaissance reported repeatedly found the enemy is changing the deployment of troops, but two Command reached a wrong conclusion. Then comes because the army prepared to implement the anti assault, so they are the enemies of this change is to strengthen the deployment of troops to the judgment of a defensive measure. October 25 morning, the enemy fighter bomber under the cover of the 37th Army troops and army headquarters in the implementation of a comprehensive violent assault. There are more than 1Z1-478 70 enemy planes bombed army RedHat EX300 PDF headquarters, and the northern cluster communication links interrupted. Since the army headquarters moved from not yet ready to Hasa Nilles local command post, so to break the army command. After obtaining the German mountain infantry troops to strengthen the LOT-442 Romanian 2nd Division in a burst of artillery were short, violent Jixi shot to the offensive at 10 RedHat EX300 PDF am. Carrying a submachine gun hand tanks at Barrage Bakesanie Roanoke, old Keliebosi sea.mmander department, sometimes one out is a few days RedHat EX300 PDF and RedHat EX300 PDF nights, no contact with the troops. They came up with a set against RedHat EX300 Dumps Kuban River water network marshes measures a lot of new ways and means of reconnaissance, made suitable for operations in this region loaded with a variety of specialized equipment. Ninth Army scout in the swamp water network reconnaissance experience and the 56th Army reconnaissance mountain experience to be a good material in question was a theoretical reconnaissance and RedHat EX300 today we discuss special conditions. Kaze Mu Do Rostov captain led a reconnaissance group 10 people , two days, flat bottomed boat sits in the northeast sometimes Kool Lv Kaya town across the RedHat EX300 PDF drowned valley, sometimes only swamp wading net proceeds. These brave scouts after scouting the road ahead and finish the enemy defense system, and saw German invaders a telephone RDCR201 line, so they cut the telephone lines and ambush. Soon came 1Z0-630 three telephone fascist German soldiers and six escort C_TCRM20_60 submachine gun hand. Suddenly reconnaissance soldiers in battle, destroy 8 enemy soldier.

EX300 PDF roleum products also greatly expanded and increased. Oil is an important strategic material. Before the war, Azerbaijan attaches great importance to the expansion of oil exploration and refining capacity, and constantly develop new oil fields. EX300 From 1934 to 1940, Baku will play only 235 new wells. By 1940, a total of 1,726 eye Caucasus new wells into production, which accounts for the All Union was put into 73.5 of the total wells. Thus, the amount of oil in the Caucasus before the Great Patriotic War is greatly increased. Baku oil field has played a special role. Before the war, the amount of oil in Baku, in Azerbaijan is not only A00-270 the RedHat EX300 PDF highest, but also the highest in the country, which accounts for seventy percent of total oil production of the Soviet Union. In the EX300 development of the oil industry, the development of natural gas is also very seriously. Azerbaijan and other Caucasus regions in 1940, the natural gas industry RedHat EX300 PDF to the national economy and our people provide about 2.5 billion cubic meters of natural C2090-545 gas which accounts for about 65 percent of natural.

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