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Juniper JN0-343 PDF e Soviet people s eating away at those about Juniper JN0-343 PDF to dead soldiers emaciated hands on the hospital Wall wrote the words Comrades, as our revenge ah Juniper JN0-343 PDF never forget the Soviet graves buried alive on earth still wriggling. This is extremely aroused Soviet soldiers brutally against Hitler demons reason. Land Hitler robber feet burn up. After the Krasnodar and Rostov liberation, Juniper JN0-343 in the North Caucasus fascist German group is tightly oppressed to the Taman Peninsula. Completely expelled from the North Caucasus fascist German HD0-200 invaders time coming. Army High Command failed to see the enemy surrounds the main group Krasnodar, February 22 army commander in the North Caucasus command some troops of the 58th Army and Ninth Army troops from the north bank of Viktor Dayton Mesut Kaya Coffs departure area, avoiding Slavic 000-N11 ska Asia, to Anastasio and Kaya implement assault. The main task of the former 58th Army as soon as possible to the enemy s rear, in Chur Chang Kaya, Kaya region Juniper JN0-343 PDF cut off the enemy s retreat to the Taman C2180-377 JN0-343 Peninsula. SCAP command 56th Army and the 47th Army to.

assault. During these three days, the 250-513 Ninth Army left wing forces have repeatedly tried to break through the enemy defenses, but without success. December 070-552-CPLUSPLUS 4, they HP0-D15 launched several shocks, the result is still the same, and finally had to stop the attack. The reason for the defeat is the main direction of assault inappropriate choice. Strengthen weapons, it is equally allocated to each unit, so there is no force in the direction of the main advantages of the enemy formation. Furthermore, reconnaissance do not good, affect the army s actions. December 11, the Supreme Command instructions northern cluster commander The enemy C4040-123 has drawn 3102.1 from you part of the troops to the north, so you where the strength of the enemy weakens the Juniper JN0-343 PDF process from the Battle of Stalingrad, the enemy will be in the future. to Juniper JN0-343 PDF deploy troops to the north. the enemy Terek River Juniper JN0-343 PDF North predetermined retreat, not as a fortuitous event and this case, you attack beneficial. Do you want to lose fighters, bold action. see Marxism Leninism of the CPSU central central Research Institute of Marxist pa.and to take timely countermeasures. Army because they do not carry out a reconnaissance, and sometimes even the enemy s defense frontier where Dunong unclear. As a result, our artillery and mortar fire during preparation often has little effect. For example, December 4 and 5, two days, infantry Northern Command and some of the cluster division headquarters location, sometimes Juniper JN0-343 PDF too Juniper JN0-343 Exam far away from the troops. So, there are many army headquarters sometimes not for several days of fighting frontline report on the Juniper JN0-343 PDF attack. Juniper JN0-343 PDF Many teachers are fighting broke out after the defense Juniper JN0-343 to gather NS0-510 intelligence about the enemy and the nature of the deployment of troops. Enemy defensive positions compiled in the end how it On the enemy defensive positions and trenches to build JN0-343 a communications trench extending in all directions, earth wooden launch point machine JN0-343 guns and artillery, mortars and tanks dotted ambush, in addition to a large number of bunker style cellar. The ground clearance between the respective defense hub portion laid a Juniper JN0-343 Dumps large number of mines, machine guns and han.

JN0-343 PDF untry s life depends on whether they are far bravery in battle, brave and fierce, and showed perfect discipline. September 14, 1942, Fatherland Heroes published regiment commanders who wrote Juniper JN0-343 PDF a letter defending the whole Caucasus. He wrote evil enemy approaching Soviet treasure not only their white enemies Caucasus military machine had invested ENOV613X-3DE here, but also to their servants allies troops and reserve forces invested. here fascist robber attempted to seize Grozny and Baku oil replenish its depleted reserves, and to carry out its plans later the robbers enemy anxious, want to use the full strength before the winter comes scored Caucasus. Hitler never let thugs see Soviet Caucasus. we would rather died, and no longer step back At this difficult time, our men mind the fate of the motherland boiling lofty sense of responsibility. In these tough days, many officers and soldiers to the party group organization to join the party wrote a group of the application. Intense fighting in August, the new members of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia Army Army part.

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