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SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam ctively sought to participate in the selection of the impact of some comrades to perform this mission. Reconnaissance company launched a surprise night attack, rushed into the residential. After the enemy was beaten senseless head turned to Hitler bandits SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam put down more than 20 bodies scattered on the battlefield in the escape. In this SAP C_EPMFC_10 direction the enemy attack was blocked. political instructor was seriously wounded in the battle, but he has refused to leave the line of fire. October 7, the 18th Army troops on the central area of the Group and destroy the enemy by Guna sosnovka Group, 236th infantry division, 12th Guards Cavalry Division, 40th 9L0-009 motorized infantry brigade and 119 brigades implemented a counter assault, SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam but did not organize because of the fighting BCWAP and not MA0-100 fully prepared so counter assault, did not work. On the same day, the SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam commander of the Black Sea cluster command 18 Army commander action to stop this mess, do not disperse troops on the Guna Eka and geographical enemies Group to implement a continuous assault. Until October 9th, 18th Army to p.

blish a new powerful group SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam after the attack began, attempted to 648-375 break through adversity ear Huotuo Wo door. Relying on the advantages of the enemy troops on September 25 to the 13th Tank Division began to attack several battalions advance Eritrea ear Huotuo Wo. In another batch of enemy tanks cluster 5 6 SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam units per group first open, followed by infantry tank attack. Army anti tank guns and Katyusha to this day Huai correct shot repulsed all enemy attack. In three days, the fascist gangsters besieged the army to implement impact. It was not until September 27 before they occupied Eritrea ear Huotuo Wo. This is no cluster commander of the North Caucasus army commander outwardly reported that the enemy began the attack, originally designated to prepare the implementation of most of the anti assault forces and corps C_EPMFC_10 were involved in a fierce battle, if they withdrew from the battle is bound weaken the defense of these directions. He believes that if another occupied with defense in depth reserve the Force C_EPMFC_10 counter assault assault group, will SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam lead to the weakening o.nse X z Seoul Astrakhan railway. Northern cluster commander of the Guards infantry lo 1Z0-353 reserve army, the 89th Infantry Division and 347 divisions, 52 tank brigades, independent tank battalions 249 and 258 Battalion, 8th rocket artillery regiment, 44th Regiment, 49 groups 000-266 and 50 1Z0-204 independent groups and 259 rocket artillery battalion compiled. Its mission is to cover Grozny direction and the direction Ordzhonikidze. In order to send troops to the SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam enemy local action, the Supreme Command Lieutenant General Jiliqinke Guards Cavalry 4th Army transferred the right wing of the Army from the mountains of soil apomorphine thank direction, the 45th Army and 58th Army infantry division and the 328th infantry division was adjusted to 408 soil apo thank direction to SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam take over the defense of the army. To September 11, troops in SAP C_EPMFC_10 the north contrast cluster entire front except tanks and aviation outside , our military advantage. However, in spite of the enemy s main assault direction it has been ascertained that a clear picture, but still evenly distributed cluster heads of troo.

C_EPMFC_10 Exam top the revolution Baku aid. German invaders from Sukhumi military assistance to Georgia to Sochi bourgeois nationalists and soil apo Xie attack, collusion Denikin white bandit. German imperialists such internal borrowing of counter revolutionary forces attempt to drilling in the North Caucasus, in order to occupy Kuban grain producing areas, Maikop and Grozny fields. German 1Z0-593 and Turkish invaders against the multi ethnic composition of the Caucasian peoples, their character, religious and SAP C_EPMFC_10 Dumps cultural characteristics, tsarism many centuries made ethnic conflicts in an attempt to easily implement their plans Caucasus, Azerbaijan and they Daghestan mischief and destruction were everywhere, then move, creating a big MB2-708 rumor Baku Soviet power, in the middle of inciting Muslims Islamism emotions, and so 9L0-806 on. However, not all are tricks to help achieve the German invaders seize their wealth Caucasus plan, not to help foreign yoke of slavery set in SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam the body Caucasus working people. C_EPMFC_10 Soviet Communist Party and SAP C_EPMFC_10 Exam the Soviet government s wise foreign policy and national policy, t.

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