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HP HP0-628 Dumps , Gunawan Eka Region. Fascist German occupation has been able to do Luolie Zen Kaya HC-012-222-CHS and geographic breakthrough in defense army, the main fault in the 17th Cavalry Army and 000-021 18 Army directorate body. Army North Caucasus Military Commission pointed this out in one of its decisions One, the enemy has been able to break through army defenses in area, is entirely the fault E20-326 of the 17th Army cavalry commander and political commissar Major General Jiliqinke Auchi gold with them, because not Luolie Shan Kaya , screening task direction by the cavalry they bear. Second, August 12, 1942 to 16 during the day, the head of the cavalry seventeenth Army failed to complete several tasks below a end can stop the enemy breakthrough in Hansikeye, Weilikeye area, b Although the persistently urge them twice, but they do not have to destroy , sub regional enemy c seventeenth Army cavalry two days stayed on, determined to wipe out the enemy did not go Tverskaya ska Asia, geographical locality d the head of the HP HP0-628 Dumps army did not say hello to HP HP0-628 Dumps the Army Command, on several occasions position.

ent clusters. Since the northern piedmont zone cluster action within the terrain is relatively flat, not affected in any way the HP HP0-628 Exam use of artillery, tank destroyer artillery regiment played an important role in the direction of the enemy anti tank passable. However, in the Black Sea zone cluster Piedmont impassable terrain but for the forest, the difficulties due to the movement of artillery, using a very limited this is mainly the use of mortars and artillery and HP0-628 pack mountain. But it turns out, mortar alone as the enemy did is not acceptable. With the enemy defenses more repair firm, if not in the mountain artillery including A2090-420 HP HP0-628 Dumps large caliber gun , combat is very difficult. Use rockets in wooded mountain, you can receive a great fire effects. In Grozny and Ordzhonikidze is close to the ground battle tanks are tanks and the use of units of the Corps. The enemy has a large number of tanks in this direction. They use large concentrations of tanks three tank divisions German tanks third division, 13 divisions, 23 divisions, HP HP0-628 Dumps and the other SS Viking HP HP0-628 Dumps motorized divisio.ds Brigade started from Pavlodar HP HP0-628 Dumps area along the left bank of the Terek River offensive action points in order to attract the enemy some troops. September 3 night, the enemy and from Ney and Kizlyar region re equipped with tanks and infantry cluster implementation of violent assault, this time it has been pointed assault Wozi Nie first ska Asia. The enemy smoothly into 10 km south Ney place. HP HP0-628 Dumps In the afternoon, the enemy infantry and tanks was my 9th Army Assault HP HP0-628 Cluster HP0-628 62nd Marines Brigade and 249th Tank Battalion slap in the face. Hongshan Piedmont occurred HP0-661 battle. H K Aosta PennEngineering red artillery commanded by Lieutenant Colonel 6th regiment of artillery come here to swear to stand your ground. Qi Binke captain of artillery battalion in the battle l was particularly prominent. About 30 enemy tanks and 74-676 mounted infantry battalion rushed into firing positions, but Hitler gangsters want to break through army defenses here are attempts to succeed in the end. After leaving more than HP HP0-628 10 enemy tanks on the battlefield wreckage, he was forced to go back up. In.

HP0-628 Dumps heir convoy and captured prisoners and so on. HP HP0-628 Dumps When the German fascists to attack the mountains, tactics have changed a lot. At this time, the enemy is no longer carrying out heavy assault and use of mechanized troops attacked, but the first organization of defense, then mountain contingent into battle they sneaked from a section of mountain road in HP HP0-628 Dumps HP HP0-628 Dumps the mountains, the main occupation of the commanding heights, stood by to the main arrival and then move on. German invaders troops around very long, a small detachment, and even the whole column into many small groups of troops along their 9A0-067 mountain 070-582 asked the HP HP0-628 Dumps way forward As a result, the exposed flank, did not occupy a lot of space. Logistics agencies enemy tactical and operational depth E20-329 depth within extremely vulnerable. They can not guard against a small army forces, reconnaissance HP0-628 units and guerrilla attacks through the narrow passage, the mountain road road , intersections, ditch pad, canyons, Pass Bridge. The small force sent behind enemy lines can mysteriously appear and disappear, to go without 000-427 a trace, har.

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