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Mincom MN0-100 PDF y and Navy more flexible and have a high degree of combat by the end of 1942 has created the preconditions for the implementation of large scale offensive war the German fascist vote. With the threat of fascist German offensive capability is getting smaller. General Westphal before the autumn 070-699 of 1942 Hitler had supplied no accident, said Since last Mincom MN0-100 PDF winter in Russia suffered heavy losses, was conscripted into the army no man s health is really very few, and competition for the 000-003 remaining military and industrial this point of human Mincom MN0-100 Dumps resources with each other to start the competition. sad decision , page 120. In order to compensate for the loss of the Soviet German front personnel, weapons and 1Z0-600 weapons technology, fascist bandits took a series of emergency measures. Germany February 7, 1943 announced a general mobilization, conscription army began between 18 55 years old flawed and foreigners physiologically army. Industrial including military industry and agriculture began to use a large number of foreign workers and prisoners of war. For example, in 1942 there ar.

he transportation problem, and there was very tight time requirements. Terrain and obstacles in a little mountain road, transport in a short time so many troops and weapons technology is even more difficult idle. In addition, within the Army in Mincom MN0-100 Exam the Caucasus and the Mainland of China 1Z0-147 is no through traffic, making it more difficult to supply Army troops. Transcaucasian Army only the most necessary combat 1Z0-033 equipment from the Mainland of China tanks, planes and artillery. During this period, the burden of the Caucasus Army to transport supplies fell Caspian Fleet and the Black Sea 1Z0-855 Fleet of the shoulders. Cutting edge forces, weapons, oil, food and a variety of weapons technology including its new machine, artillery, tanks, anti tank guns, rocket launchers, etc. have a steady stream sent to the front. In addition to military transport in the Caspian Sea, but also a large number Mincom MN0-100 PDF of transport petroleum products. Oil is the entire Soviet front and rear Mincom MN0-100 PDF defeat enemy supplies urgently needed. Caspian transit in the Caucasus before the fascist gangsters were expelled ha.battle, MN0-100 the army tanks were often out of the infantry, and the enemy artillery, infantry and tanks to fight alone. For example, November 8, following the tank 2nd Brigade and 52 Guards Infantry Brigade behind shock 4th Brigade was the northeast side Ji Mincom MN0-100 Jie ear enemy machine gun Mincom MN0-100 PDF and mortar fire were forced to lie down violently. 310-252R I am not here with tanks and artillery and other firearms to suppress the enemy, blindly drove forward. The results have to fight alone with the enemy they are not only with the enemy anti tank weapons combat, but also in the shade with the enemy bunker tank ambush Mincom MN0-100 PDF fight. Between the tanks and artillery fire call in advance and does 646-046 not MN0-100 require a signal and stop shooting, so the two met the enemy tank brigade in a strong defense of the land can not summon tank artillery fire, the results of Mincom MN0-100 PDF the loss of eight T 34 tanks, was forced to returned. In the study of the operational characteristics Mincom MN0-100 PDF of the enemy in the direction of Ordzhonikidze it should be noted that they are good at reconnaissance. For example, according to a wide range of a.

MN0-100 PDF . this is the one on the MN0-100 old man sat down next to Maslova, eyes shining, she looked smiling, joking with her hostess called him to another room, Maslova only to hear the hostess Mincom MN0-100 PDF said just returned from the village down, very fresh na then the hostess called to Maslova, told her that he was a writer, more money to death, as long as she can as his fancy he would not want to spend money in. Sure enough, as she took his fancy, and he gave her twenty five rubles, often also promised to meet with her. she paid the aunt living expenses, buy Mincom MN0-100 PDF new clothes. hats and ribbons, quickly put out of money. a few days Mincom MN0-100 later, the writer came to see her. he gave her twenty five rubles, and told her to move to a single family detached dwelling to live. Maslova writer for her to live in rented apartments before, but fell in love with a happy 000-652 hospital clerk. She volunteered to tell this writer, then he moved to a smaller single 9A0-347 family home to go live. The clerk initially promised to marry her, then actually walked Mincom MN0-100 PDF to the next town to go, apparently abandoned her. Thus, Maslova turn.

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