The Government of Montserrat is encouraging persons to contribute to the re-development of Zone C and to benefit from various incentives before they expire in August 2025.  

In 2020, the Government of Montserrat amended some of Montserrat’s legislations as part of their dedication to fostering the ongoing redevelopment and eventual revitalization of the Zone C communities.  The amendments and concessions which were introduced makes it more affordable and easy to develop Zone C communities, to include Corkhill, Delvins, Weekes, Foxes Bay, and Richmond Hill.

During a Ministerial field visit on March 6, 2024, government officials witnessed, firsthand, the progress of private property redevelopment in the Corkhill, Richmond Hill, and Foxes Bay areas of Zone “C”. Encouraged by these advancements, the government extends an invitation to individuals and organizations to capitalize on the existing support programs before their expiration in August 2025.

Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment, Hon. Crenston Buffonge remarked, “The revitalization of Zone ‘C’ communities is integral to Montserrat’s socio-economic growth. We urge all stakeholders to seize this opportunity to contribute to the resurgence of this area.”

As part of efforts to encourage persons to benefit from the Zone C redevelopment support programmes, an awareness campaign will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment in conjunction with the Government Information Unit (GIU).

The awareness campaign will be rolled out during the week of 6th May, with some content continuing to be disseminated throughout the year.  The campaign will include social media messages, a ‘Did You Know’ radio and video series and a live call-in radio discussion on the Nation’s Business Radio program on Monday 27th May, 2024.  A website banner with a clickable link to the four incentive programmes will also be mounted on the Government of Montserrat website; and will remain there until the incentives expire.

The four incentives are as follows:

  1. SR&O #56 of 2020Stamp Fees Amendment Order for Zone C: This program significantly reduces stamp fees for land conveyance or transfer on sale within Zone C, offering substantial relief for transactions between relatives or resident Montserratians.

  2. SR&O #57 of 2020 – Physical Planning (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations: Under this initiative, the processing fee for planning applications related to Zone C is capped at $50 XCD, providing a more accessible avenue for development approvals.
  3. SR&O #58 of 2020 – Registered Land (Amendment) Rules 2020: Applicants seeking land registration within Zone “C” benefit from a reduced fee of $10, facilitating smoother property transactions within the designated area.
  4. SR&O 65 of 2020 – Customs Duties and Consumption Tax (Zone C) (Exemption) Order: This program grants exemptions from customs duties and consumption tax for imported items intended for building, repair, or maintenance purposes within Zone C, thus encouraging construction and infrastructure development.

For further inquiries or to explore participation in Zone “C” redevelopment initiatives, please contact the MATLHE on 491-2075 or via email to

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