ICT Unit

Overview of Unit:

The Unit’s main mandate is to  manage and coordinate the implementation and execution of the National ICT Plan. The national ICT vision of “Montserrat in a Digital World – Green, Connected & Thriving” is encapsulated in the National ICT Policy pillars (focus areas) represented by ELAVA, with wording slightly refined to reflect the acceleration emphasis, as highlight in the following table.


Montserrat in a Digital World, Green Connected and Thriving.


  • Implement Projects and Programs geared toward ICT development nationally
  • Develop educational and awareness programs to build capacity in schools and community in general
  • Implement the National ICT Policy.
  • Coordinate ICT Initiatives across Government of Montserrat

Department News

ICT Coordinator

Ms. Loni Howe

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Main Contact Details

Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour & Energy, Brades, MSR1110, MontserratTel: 664-491-2521/2522
Email: howel@gov.ms
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