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Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions tablished North Caucasus Front, the jurisdiction of the 24th Army, Ninth Army, 37th Group level, 56 Army, 12 Army, 18 Army, 5l Group vehicles and 47th Army, independent infantry of the first army and cavalry 17 army. However, the 9th Army and 24th Army retreated behind the adaptation go. As a Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions result, the more than Oracle 1Z0-804 Dumps 1,000 kilometer front fighting only six Army, an infantry corps and a cavalry 9A0-309 corps of count 23 infantry divisions, Oracle 1Z0-804 Exam five cavalry divisions and nine infantry brigades. North Caucasus Army equipment item is not established teams. Many small and poorly equipped army number, ammunition Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions less, especially shells, anti tank bullets, grenades and anti tank grenades. Army armored tanks only 74 tanks and 11 armored vehicles. North Caucasus Army Air Force Air Force 4th Army commander of the K A Virgin Xining Air Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions Force Major General and the Fifth Army Air Force Commander Air Marshal Guo Ivanov left compiled a total of only 230 aircraft , combined with each Air Corps base and away from the front line fifth Army Air Force fighter and bomber of about 100 kilometer.

he road between the pass is too sudden. However, they are on a mountain road between the guerrilla ambush. Lose a lot of enemy personnel and weapons, the loss of time. Enemy due to the loss of time, they also lose the 050-894 advantages of 3000.1 the military themselves. August 14 and 15, two days, the guerrillas of the fascist gangsters dragged around glade fight VCP310-UP-VCP410 with me. Card Prince Charles Aliyev City The Avengers guerrillas in Cluj Yamaguchi and Demirel 1Z0-804 Maruja Pass the fork, keep almost two Oracle 1Z0-804 days and nights. After the withdrawal of Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions the guerrillas, but also those who visit the reception center near Duomubayi set an ambush. August 16 and 17, City guerrillas and guerrilla zone joint operations will Edelweiss division advance camp at Al Haze stop before Maruja and Sheng Qialuo Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions Yamaguchi Yamaguchi close to the road. Other guerrillas are responsible C2180-188 for setting up the blockage on the road, the Oracle 1Z0-804 laying of mines, for those who seek the rugged path to pass forward the implementation of Hitler s bandit climbers rapid assault. Caucasus mountain canyons and are enemies insurmountable.aid that in 1942 plans to invade the Caucasus. German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop claimed that oil is a German military and political objectives. When the Russian oil reserves run out, Russia would knees up. April 5, Hitler Command granted a share of the Huai Release summer 1942 war the main task of Instructions No. 41. According 1Z0-804 to this instruction, the main purpose is to wipe out the summer war Soviet Armed Forces, they lost a very 642-661 important military and economic center. The offensive campaign by the Soviet German front south male Bok marshal command South Army Group implemented. Later, the army group into two divided into A and the Army Group B Army Group. B Army Group in the north of the A Army Group offensive between Voronezh, new kalitva into the Don line, and south 070-689 into between the Don and Volga, advanced on Stalingrad. A Army Group offensive to the south, into SZ0-260 the Don River. The main army group is used as an invasion of the Caucasus. German high command before the attack on the Caucasus, decided to implement several local campaign to improve the situa.

1Z0-804 Questions h again Do you plan to cluster in northern Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions enemy judgments are very biased, Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions 1Z0-804 not to surround and annihilate the enemy South Group for the purpose, while taking a conservative approach, only can the enemy from the Caucasus mountains rib Strip off without it can capture or annihilation. Most Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions still the supreme command First, to the 58th Army, the 9th Army and 37th Army main assault towards the implementation of the general direction of the Ti Huolie times 117-301 grams, along with a cluster of left wing Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions team Armavir Ti Huolie times grams railway attack. Second, the foundation sent Liqin Ke quick cluster jurisdiction Kuban Cavalry Corps, Don Cavalry Corps, Lobanov and Filippov tanks and cluster attachment of motorized sharply pursuit of the enemy and cut off its north and retreat to the northwest. To accomplish this task, it should be clustered into Jiliqinke 44th Army right wing, Peter Adams from the implementation of assault investigation Norco Park Si Keye, Oracle 1Z0-804 Questions the Lord fruit 070-237 Erlei Ke Ti Huolie views to the north of grams. Third, do not put the defense of the 44th Army, br.

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