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Cisco 500-260 Practice into the water When the artillery and caissons sank in rough seas when they heard the captain of the command Charge Then he first plunged into the icy surf. The next morning, Division captain led each company commander Captain Bo Nuoma Korolyov, Granada 500-260 and other Ximo Fu captain Denisov Loma captain came Mizobe, he refers to the front of 15 20 meters He buoy, said Hey comrades, ah you look at where Cisco 500-260 Practice the cannon we do not have Cisco 500-260 Exam divers, but Kunikefu major landing force, is in P_CRMSRV_70 need of these guns ah. Understand it The commander replied in unison. Division artillery battalion captain in small land on the enemy battle tanks for several weeks. It is worth noting that the 00M-512 camp at the time of the return 000-M11 of the division of the establishment, has not lost a gun. The enemy tried to put this on the shore of the landing forces destroyed their group after group to mobilize reserves to here, immediately after the battle. At this time, the army 1Z1-095 has landed in warfare Romanian 10th Infantry Division, the German 73rd Infantry Division, 500-260 l98 divisions, 125 divisions and Light Infantr.

e of other socialist countries, in the current situation around the world come to the only correct conclusion vigilance to mobilize and unite their strength resolutely fight back imperialism militant groups. Soviet people now and in the future will always put its own defense forces, armed forces fighting to keep the power on the highest level. The Soviet Union, powerful fraternal socialist countries, is a reliable guarantee against any 500-260 imperialist aggression against a new world war 350-027 and peace in Cisco 500-260 Practice the struggle to maintain the most important Cisco 500-260 factor. Soviet armed forces loyal to the people unlimited, unlimited loyalty to the cause of communism. It is always faithfully fulfill their patriotic and internationalist duty. Today, it is highly alert vigilant and reliably defend the 1Z1-351 fruits of victory of the October Revolution. Although a small local gathering hundreds of thousands of people, trying Cisco 500-260 to land ruined beyond recognition although they are free to fly in the stone, 000-035 not the growth of flowers and trees though they had just unearthed divisible grass, and the coal.y General Peng said, as a measure of Marshal Antonescu Cisco 500-260 Practice has authorized each teacher has the power to approve the death penalty. The War Minister Bingcheng An East Nisku s will, the Romanian army Romanian Army to improve the morale of the. Peng wants to place Darcy Cisco 500-260 Practice Learn Romanian Army combat commander and find out which showed signs of fatigue. Ibid., P. 37. A Army Combat Log February 23 in mind the chaos, 19 Romanian Infantry Division 1st Battalion the whole battalion refused to fight. Luo Jun authorities send a third battalion soldiers shot out Ibid, on Cisco 500-260 Practice page 198. Visible, General Peng Darcy also can not restore Luojun Shi gas. Slovak army morale level, as much as Romanian army. Fascist German army morale and 000-714 the client, there is a reason. Hitler s generals themselves have seen further consolidation does not help, and they continue to report critical to the Command war situation. January 27th, 17th Army Chief of Staff reported to the High Command, said It is also the commander of the Cisco 500-260 Practice 17th Army troops north all claims otherwise, we will Cisco 500-260 Practice encounter a secon.

500-260 Practice close cooperation with the Cisco 500-260 Practice 4th Cisco 500-260 Practice Army aviation Novorossiysk, and wipe out the aggressors France and Germany on the Taman Peninsula. Soviet troops in the North Caucasus attack phase, the HC-035-340-ENU forward played more than 800 km, the liberation of 200,000 square Cisco 500-260 Practice kilometers of land, and to the enemy A Army Group to hit. Soviet During this time, Cisco 500-260 Dumps the enemy kill and wound more than C4040-225 275,000, more than 6,000 enemy prisoners of war, destroying 890 enemy tanks, planes, more than 2,000 aircraft, 2,127 artillery door, forcing 1,394 mortars doors, machine guns 500, 7 thousand cars cars Black Sea fleet naval aviation and various enemy ships sunk ships more than 600. Army captured 458 enemy tanks, artillery 1,392 doors, 1,533 mortars door, rifles and submachine guns 35,4l4 branches, more than 15,000 automotive vehicles, a large number of locomotives and carriages and other military supplies. After the attack, shrouded in the Caucasus over the Soviet threat is eliminated. Caucasian battle ended in victory, making the Red Army freed a large number of troops to fight on other battlefiel.

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