Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & Environment

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Overview of Ministry:

The Ministry embraces the mission of managing our resources, to include our terrestrial and marine assets, for the sustainable use and well-being of our people and our heritage now and in the future.


To formulate policy, plan programs, and manage resources to support the appropriate usage of land, natural resources and the provision of affordable housing opportunities, in order to contribute to individual well-being and economic growth.

Vision Statement

A modern Ministry that contributes to the development of Montserrat, benefitting present and future generations by enabling the sustainable use of natural resources.

Ministry News

Montserrat Breadfruit and Mango Fest 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment would like to thank all the participants, sponsors, volunteers and organizers for a successful Breadfruit and Mango

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Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, housing & Environment, Brades, MontserratTel: (1) 664-491-2075 / 2546

Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & Environment

Hon. Crenston Buffonge

Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Beverly Mendes

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