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Overview of Department:

The Lands and Survey Department, which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment, is the national mapping agency and also functions as the principal department for the land information management in Montserrat.  Because of its responsibility for managing the core land records on which all other land information systems are based, the department plays a key role in the effective management and use of land in Montserrat.  Structured into two functional areas consisting of the Land Registry and the Survey Section, the Department operates under a good legislative framework with responsibility for administering the Registered Land Act, the Land Survey Act and Survey Regulations and the Landholding Act.


We view ourselves as “the national agency” with the capacity to deliver high survey, mapping and land registration services to Government of Montserrat (GOM) and the general public.

Department News



  • Land Register and Parcel File Searches.
  • Copies of Registry Maps.
  • Applications for Prescriptive Title and Crown Claims
  • Registration of Transfers, Leases, Charges and Cautions.
  • Review and registration for Subdivisions and Combinations.
  • Applications for Landholding Licenses.
  • Boundary disputes and other contentious matters
  • Updates and amendments to Land Registers
  • Issuing and replacing of lost Land Certificates
  • Collect Revenue on behalf of GOM: for Land Services


  • Copies of Survey Plans.
  • Updates of Registry Maps.
  • Scanning and Printing of large format plans.
  • Collect Revenue on behalf of GOM: for Land Services

Registrar of Lands

Shelley Isles Hillocks

Main Contact Details

Lands & Survey Department
P.O. Box 272

MSR 1110

Tel: 664-491-3669/ 491-3620

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