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The Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour & Energy is a vibrant Ministry whose strategic objective is to provide technical expertise in Infrastructure Services, Labour Force, Sea and Air access, Energy Services, ICTs, Equipment & Mechanical Services, and transportation. It’s main aim is to contribute to economic growth and development and also to contribute to the national outcomes of Montserrat in the following ways:

 A vibrant and diverse economy that supports sustainable private sectoral economic activity and generates employment;

  • Improve energy security;
  • Physical infrastructure and transportation facilities in place to support development (Infrastructure investment that are economic enablers, which are interlinked with and are vital for the success of many of the proposed investments in the visitor economy, enterprise culture, and key sectors of growth in Montserrat.)


To be an organization providing excellent services to Montserrat, epitomizing a model to the region whilst working within a harmonious environment.


The Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy (MCWLE) is mandated to promote the goals and objectives of Government of Montserrat; by ensuring the enhancement of the quality of life for its residents through delivery of safe, reliable, cost effective and sustainable projects, programmes and quality services in the Communications, Labour, Infrastructure and Energy Sectors.

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From 2012 until 2017, Montserrat made a push towards geothermal as a potential source for powering the island. Geothermal was the Government of Montserrat’s (GoM)

Powering Montserrat with Solar Energy

With the Government of Montserrat’s Solar PV farm now producing 1MW of power, could harnessing the sun be the way forward for a 100% renewable

Contact Details

Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour & Energy
P.O. Box 344
Brades, MSR1110 Montserrat

Telephone: (1) 664-491-2521 /2522

Minister of Communications, Works, Labour & Energy

Dr. the Honourable Samuel Joseph

Permanent Secretary

Colin Fergus ED, CCM

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