Government of Montserrat

Ministry of Finance

More publications available on the Ministry of Finance website at

Citizens Guide – Montserrat 2016-2017

Economic Growth Strategy & Delivery Plan for Montserrat 2017 – Final

Economic Growth Strategy & Delivery Plan


Budget Speeches

Budget Statement 2019

Budget Statement 2018

Budget Statement 2014

Budget Statement 2013

Budget Statement 2012

Budget Speech 2011

Budget Speech 2010

Internal Audit Unit

Request-for-Proposal-Internal Audit Management Software

Getting to Know Internal Auditing GOM

Internal Audit Charter GOM Final

MOU Internal External – 06-25-2013


Other Documents

Budget Estimates 2019-2020

Notice for Tender Opening for Architectural Engineering Services for FSC Building, Montserrat

Updated Securities_Bill_2018_Explanatory_Memorandum

Cover Note for 3rd Public Consultation on the Securities Bill 2018

Updated – Final_Draft_Securities_Bill_2018

ECSRC template for comments on Consultation Paper (05-2018)


Budget Performance Q2 2014 -2015 (UL20141022)

Budget Performance Report Q1 2014 (UL20140828)

Budget Performance And Outlook: Quarter ended 31 December 2013

Budget Performance Report Q4 2012-13 Final

Peer Review on Transparency in Tax Exchange

MNI Customs New Tarriff (Amended)

Eight Point Stabilization Programme

Sustainability Road Map 12IMF Article IV Consultation


Speeches by Hon. Financial Secretary John Skerritt

10-03-13-Statutory Bodies Training Workshop Financial Secretary – Speech

Tribute to CT John by FS John Skerritt

FS John Skerritt – Address at PCSA Conference-July 2012

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