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The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management is responsible for managing the financial resources of Government and to ensure that a proper legal framework and supporting systems are in place for that purpose. The Ministry, in delivering its mandate seeks to promote government’s fiscal policy framework; coordinate macroeconomic policy and intergovernmental and external financial relations; manage the budget preparation process; secure and allocate funding for approved public policies and programmes; and to monitor the implementation of departmental budgets. The Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Act mandates the Minister of Finance to develop and implement a national macro-economic and fiscal policy framework for Montserrat for a period of not less than 3 years and for this purpose must:
  1. Advise Government on the total of resources to be allocated to the public sector and the appropriate level of resources to be allocated to individual programmes within that sector;
  2. Advise on the state of the economy for current and projected periods;
  3. Supervise and monitor the public finances of Montserrat; and
  4. Co-ordinate the international and inter-governmental economic and fiscal relations of Montserrat


To secure and allocate appropriate levels of financial resources to fund public programmes and provide a strong but enabling framework to ensure that government’s financial and other resources are managed in an economically wise manner.


To be the pre-eminent financial services organisation supporting the achievement of a financially stable and independent Montserrat.

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Ministry of Finance & Economic Management P.O. Box 292 Government Headquarters Brades, MontserratTel: (1) 664-491-2777 / 3057 Fax: (1) 664-491-2367  Email: Web Site:

Minister of Finance

Hon. Joseph E. Farrell

Financial Secretary

Hon. Lindorna Lambert

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